American Follies Kickstarter Campaign Launched

We have just launched our campaign to raise funding for the non-profit film, "American Follies," on Kickstarter. Through the story of a Follies production in the small town of Wenatchee, WA, audiences will witness the journey undertaken by cast members from auditions to rehearsals and finally to the big performance, and see firsthand the impact the experience can have on their lives. We'll watch as traveling director Jaime Donegan takes all comers, from the tone-deaf with two left feet, to the well-rehearsed local theater star, and turns out a show that brings the community to its feet.

"American Follies" is a documentary about community, an investigation into the ever-changing social and cultural landscape across the country, and at its core, a show designed to lure people off their couches and into the life in front of them.

For more information on how you can join in the creation of this film go to our Kickstarter Project page.


Pedal-Driven Kickstarter Campaign Success!


A huge thank-you to everyone who poured out their support in joining the ride for Pedal-Driven's overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign! We're one revolution closer to rolling out our film.


Help Fund Pedal-Driven at

Today we launched our Kickstarter campaign. If you haven't heard of it, Kickstarter is a great way for creatives to reach out to their enthusiasts to fund their interesting project. Photographers, tailors, printmakers, musicians, artists, writers, and yes, film-makers have all had their passion projects brought to life with the help of generous enthusiasts at Kickstarter.

With 12 different involvement levels, from $5 donations up to the name-a-trail-after-me, take-me-to-the-VIP-debut-party $10,000 donation level there's something for everyone.

We hope you'll join the ride and help bring Pedal-Driven to completion thru Kickstarter. Go check it out and help us encourage cooperative progress between forest users and forest managers.


Press Appearance: Pedal Driven featured on did a write-up on our upcoming documentary Pedal Driven this month. Head on over there to check it out!

As a non-profit project, our mode is to raise the money through donations and grants to fund the film. The cool part is that once it's done, all the proceeds will go toward land stewardship and trail projects. The tough part is raising the money. To date we've raised about $100k of the $175k budget. If we can raise the rest of the money, we can likely finish the film in about 2 months.

Help to finish the film and give back to the bike community by donating here!

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